April's Sports View

Posted March 2nd @ 2 March, 2015

SPORTS VIEW By Leigh Douglas As the ‘madness’ winds down, I find myself having to eat crow. Illinois is for real (I still stand by Carolina winning it all) but the fighting Illini are a much better team than I had given them credit. As the NFL draft approaches the rumor mill spins out of control. Two rumors making the rounds that I like however are the proposed Philip Rivers to San Francisco for the number one pick; and the Vikings trading first round spots with the Browns. ...
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Novice's Guide to On-line Sports Betting

Posted February 28th @ 28 February, 2015

Sports betting is not a game! Well, to many people sports betting is first class excitement as well as great entertainment, but you should always keep in mind that the betting industry is not here to entertain you - the bookmakers want your money and punters (gamblers) want to beat the bookies. That is the simple truth of betting; still you can have great fun betting if you control your stakes in a sensible manor and of course win more than you lose! Both tasks are easier said than done, but ...
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Sports View for March

Posted February 27th @ 27 February, 2015

Heading into the combines, the biggest story will definitely be Maurice Clarett, and how he can rebound from last year’s disaster. (Regardless of how his combine goes, keep in mind that before Adrian Peterson this year, Clarett was the best freshman running back in decades.) If Clarett goes past the first day of the draft he will be a steal. Speaking of the Draft; LB Derrick Johnson out of Texas is my favorite player coming out this year. He will have an immediate impact, especially if he ...
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Sports Betting Portfolio Management

Posted February 24th @ 24 February, 2015

The subject of financial investment is such a wide and varied area. We all know (or should know), that investing surplus funds is a sound idea; nothing new there. If you make the decision to invest, what investment options do you have? 1. Property - unit, house, holiday house, commercial property, a managed property investment fund etc. 2. Shares - stock options, different stock investment sectors such as small capitalisation mining companies, international or local share funds etc. 3. Fixed ...
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5 Myths About Sports Conditioning That Are Holding You Back

Posted February 23rd @ 23 February, 2015

In life we are surrounded by numerous myths and half-truths, the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, UFOs in Roswell, and Crop Circles just to name a few. No one quite knows if any of these things really exists or if they are just stories told by people for purposes only they know. Sports conditioning has much in common with these mythological occurrences. Over the past several months, I have answered a gamut of questions from numerous Revolution players with topics ranging from pre-competition ...
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Sports View for February

Posted February 21st @ 21 February, 2015

As the NBA reaches the midseason point most of the talk is of the MVP race, with many tabbing Steve Nash as the early favorite. My question is can a guy who is not even the best player on his team win the MVP? (Shawn Marion is the best player on the Suns.) Yes I will concede Nash deserves some credit for making the players around him even better, and lifting the team to another level. But where would the Cavs be without Lebron James, or would the Heat even be a playoff team, let alone the #1 ...
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Indoor Environment and Sports Performance

Posted February 20th @ 20 February, 2015

I saw a horse race once where the winner was not declared until the race people had a chance to look at the •photo finish.” Boy was it close. There was a bout 3 inches difference between first and second place. What could that second place horse have done in that mile or so of endeavor? What little bit extra could have won that race? How much extra energy or endurance did that horse need? 5%, 10%?? For three inches in a mile race, the horse needed less than 5% more performance to ...
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Coaching Sports For All The Right Reasons

Posted February 19th @ 19 February, 2015

The Glove It was during a March evening in 2002 that I received word that my grandfather was dying. I drove the four and a half hours to Ironwood, Michigan in a snowstorm to say goodbye. I was able to see my grandpa and he was able to recognize me and acknowledge that I was there. The next morning, he was gone. The doctors said that they were not sure how he had survived for so long. He had many health conditions and a lot of pain that he hadn’t really shown on the outside. Yet, he had ...
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Sports Psychology Guidelines for Sports Parents

Posted February 18th @ 18 February, 2015

Sports parents have a big impact on their young superstars. A healthy and successful sports experience will depend on sports parents' ability to instill confidence and self-esteem in athletes. Read sports psychology expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn's view on how to make sports a successful and fun experience. Youth sports are huge in today’s society. Coaches and parents have a tremendous impact on how children will engage in sports. I get several emails a month from concerned sports parents asking me ...
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How Sports Psychology Can Improve Performance

Posted February 15th @ 15 February, 2015

Mental Game Coaching is that the segment of sports psychology that concentrates specifically on helping athletes break through the mental barriers that are keeping them from performing up to their peak potential. By focusing on the mental skills needed to be successful in any sporting competition, mental game coaching seeks to achieve the overall goal of performance improvement. Sports Psychology is about improving your attitude and mental game skills to help you perform your best by ...
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